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It is our goal to produce adorable, affectionate, well-tempered Corgi puppies that are healthy, happy, and make wonderful companions. We are a small, breeder with an in-home breeding program in which we prioritize giving each dog and puppy the absolute best care that we have to offer. We cherish each and every one of our animals and enjoy sharing the love of the Pembroke Welsh Corgi breed with other individuals and families!

Bred with Love

At Gulf Coast Corgis our corgis are not just pets, they are full members of our family. Our love for the breed shows in every puppy!

AKC Certified

We believe in the mission and values of the American Kennel Club, and take pride in being a member of the AKC.

Bred with Care

At Gulf Coast Corgis, we not only breed with love, but we take every step to ensure that our puppies have the highest care from conception to the day they leave to their fur-ever homes.

Healthy Parents

We take health very seriously and ensure that our parents have the care they deserve. A healthy fur-baby is a happy fur-baby

Healthy Puppies

Not only do we take every step to keeping our parents healthy and happy, but that same ethic follows through to our puppies!

Featured Mates

Estimated Due Date: November 16



Color: RHT Bluie

Size: Large

Status: ( Tested Triple Clear )

  • EIC(clear)
  • VWD1(clear)
  • DM(clear)



Color: Red with White Markings

Size: Small

Status: ( Triple Clear by Parentage )

  • EIC(clear)
  • VWD1(clear)
  • DM(clear)

The Corgi Breed

Below are the three different types of Corgi

The Pembroke Welsh corgi is a small- to medium-sized herding dog of short stature and sturdy build. Known for its low-set body, large erect ears, and stubby tail, the Pembroke also has a reputation for being a wonderful companion. Pembroke Welsh corgis are achondroplastic, a dwarf breed with shortened legs.

Pembroke Welsh Corgi

“American Corgis” are actually a mixed breed: a cross between a Pembroke Welsh Corgi and a Cardigan Welsh Corgi. These two breeds are typically cross-bred by irresponsible (backyard) breeders in an attempt to produce merle-colored dogs with the smaller body and personality of a Pembroke.

American Corgi

Physically, the Cardigan and Pembroke are both dwarf breeds with large heads and heavy, long bodies on short, thick legs. They both have upright ears, although the Cardigan’s are larger and more rounded, and their double-coated fur requires little grooming besides regular bathing and brushing.

Cardigan Welsh Corgi


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